Inspired by the enchanting Australian reefs and the wonders that lie beneath their crystal-clear waters, "Paradiso Bloom" is a celebration of the vibrant life that makes it a natural masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the unexplored depths of the reef, our designs delve into intricacies of underwater existence. Highlights are sea-themed prints, meticulously chosen to capture the kaleidoscopic palette of captivating underwater species. Our signature Rebecca Vallance crepe has been hand-embellished with diamante coral and starfish that glisten like treasures beneath the waves. In addition to the underwater world, the collection also pays homage to the tropical islands that surrounds these reefs. Infused with the warmth and essence of a vacation getaway, our pieces radiate an overall sense of relaxation and discovery. Custom metal shell chain detailing perfectly adorns new silhouettes which embrace the under tones of sea life.