Drawing its essence from iconic australian brutalist architecture, this collection encapsulates a powerful and enduring aesthetic. Bold, sleek lines converge with meticulous hand-beaded embellishments, forging a harmony between strength and intricacy. The colour palette remains understated, mirroring the hues found within the confines of a brutalist interior. Sky blues pay homage to australia’s clear skies, providing a striking backdrop against the more harsh architectural silhouettes.Retro undertones weave through the prints and silhouettes, evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemporary fusion. Organic brushstrokes intertwine with architectural scribblings, representative of the artistic process that comes before the refined lines of this architectural movement.Central to my inspiration was the renowned australian architect colin madigan, whose signature brutalist aesthetic – defined by sharp lines and definitive angles – served as the cornerstone for this collection. With his architectural vision in mind, I’ve crafted a range that seamlessly integrates into his world. This synergy brings to life an effortless interaction between clothing and architecture, elevating both in the process.Remaining true to the distinct rebecca vallance aesthetic, this collection boasts a delicate balance of feminine strength and modern detailing. Each meticulously designed piece exudes a restrained chicness, beautifully merging intricate details with moments of respite. The result is a refined elegance in a world where design and structure coexist.